Mush mush mush

  1. mush brain. I am so tired.
  2. thank you
  3. we didn’t really need to do all that in one day
  4. we really don’t fucking need a pop-up toaster when we have a toaster oven, be honest, you got that for yourself
  5. it is possible to appreciate a song without singing along to it; in fact, when someone says to you, “Listen to this cool new cover of this song!” usually they want you to LISTEN and not SING OVER IT
  6. how can someone with a music degree sing so out-of-tune
  7. when you offer to pay for something & have the opportunity to find out in advance how much it costs, or offer to cover only part of it, it’s kind of bad form to act all shocked at the price that YOU OFFERED to pay and YOU CHOSE not to ask about in advance.

I decided on a personal rule a while ago, which is that Doctor Mac is great but I only reblog posts about her if they are not also about alcohol. It cuts down my options pretty significantly, which is why I made it a rule.

Like, I know that “person in a fancy suit with a glass of liquor in their hand” is a Thing, but the jokes about, like, her drinking all her problems away, get a little old.

I am feeling knd of stressed but I am getting stuff done.

Today I:

cleaned off the porch because people came to repair some stuff on it

cleaned up the living room because ditto

did some captioning

unloaded the dishwasher

said fuck it and posted some craigslist ads without taking photos of the stuff