Boundary Girl will be moving back home at the end of the semester.

Apparently she decided that having her own (well, our shared-between-four-people) apartment is too stressful.  She’s been at her parents’ house for her winter break, and she said she felt like it was a big weight off her shoulders not to have to cook, etc. 

I guess this is a good thing? 

The irritable, petty part of me says, you’re about to graduate from college.  You don’t get to run away from chores.  And also, you cooked maybe once every two weeks here, and that’s being generous.  And I did 90% of the shopping.  I don’t mind, because I’m much less busy than everyone else, but I also don’t see how that’s such a burden. 

Another part of me is saying that this must be her trying to fix things– like, maybe she’s realized that she really needs to change how she’s been acting, and this is her trying to do it. 

But mostly I just can’t believe that she’ll actually stop unless she’s forced to.  The speech she gave me about how she “wants to work on it” was, in retrospect, clearly a crock of bullshit.  I just can’t quite believe that she’s actually changed.

I sort of don’t think I should post the message she sent that really demonstrates why it was bullshit, but maybe I can tell you about it anyway.  I wrote a big rant in a text document– well, first I wrote a calm, giving-her-the-benefit-of-the-doubt essay with everything I didn’t end up saying to her in person, and then Sparkly showed me the message, and then I wrote a rant. 


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