One thing I don’t understand about Sparkly.

She’s much more able to cope with background noise than I am– she actually feels uncomfortable when things are too quiet.  I can understand that.

What confuses me is her choice of background noise.

She finds instrumental music to be very distracting, and talk shows or music with singers is much better, which is pretty much the opposite of how I feel (I’ll go into that more later.)  What she hates the most is music that’s at all dissonant.  A lot of modern orchestral music makes her cringe.  She says that hearing dissonant/weird chords makes her feel all tense and insecure.

So instead, she likes to do her homework to the sound of Dr. Phil or the Steve Wilcos Show– people yelling and cursing at each other about infidelity, child abuse, drug addictions, etc.  A few days ago I was reading in our bedroom while she was watching TV, and she very considerately turned the volume down “so that you don’t have to hear the screaming.”

…Do you see why this confuses me?


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