Dear RDG,

I sort of feel bad for even asking to go with you to the sex toy shop.  I had no idea you had conflicted feelings about it.  I feel like I’ve totally put my foot in it by wanting to know about what you and Sparkly are doing at all, because clearly there were a lot more FEELINGS going on about that than I thought.  I’m really sorry.

Though, on the other hand, the reason I thought you were totally cool about dildos was because you said you were.  You talked about it in front of me, you said it was okay for Sparkly to tell me about it.  And Sparkly told me you were just mildly embarrassed about having me there.

I don’t even really know what the issue is?  And the truth is I don’t need to know, but now I’m scared that I’ll accidentally do something that’ll upset you.  …I promise I will not make this a problem.  Your sex life (even the part of it that’s also Sparkly’s sex life) is none of my business and I don’t need to be involved, even though there’s a part of me that says “Let me help you!”


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