When you fucking pay me to do something, you get to have expectations! Stop being so goddamn unpreposessing and “well, what works for you?” I was supposed to pick you up and I forgot it was 5 today instead of 6 and that is a mistake on my part and you get to fucking say so. Stop it. (P.S. No amount of acting cute and deferential will make me forget how you treated Sparkly.)


I guess the moral of the story is, it really weirds me out when someone acts as if the situation is different from what I think it is.  I was expecting “Where are you?” and I got “Are you still planning to stop by campus this afternoon?” as if I wasn’t already late.  Also, it’s awkward to have to say, “I am unemployed and boring, you know perfectly well I don’t have any plans more important than giving you a ride.”


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