Things are happening

So, Boundary Girl moved out a few days ago.  We have a new roommate who I think I’ll call Story Girl.  She is younger than me, which I only mention because she seems really young.  It sort of weirds me out that she has a boyfriend and has sex, because she acts so innocent and cute and excitable.  But she’s 20 years old, so there’s no absolute reason why it should be weird. 

She also plays Improbable Island, but she’s really into the roleplay aspect of it (thus “Story Girl”.)  So far I’ve avoided interacting with her in the game, which I’m glad about for several reasons.  Most of the roleplay I’ve done before has involved lots of Feelings, for one.  And Improbable Island is such a silly game that it’s hard for me to figure out a coherent personality for a character in it.  But the heart of it is, I have anxiety about not knowing what to say/not saying the right thing.  I don’t want to be put on the spot to say things with someone I don’t know well, when I don’t have a well-established character to play. 

Her normal speaking volume is kind of loud (or maybe I’m just going through a period of being really sensitive to sound, since a lot of other things have been bothering me lately too.)  But I’m dealing with that, and we seem to be getting along okay otherwise.  She was a little… clingy? when she first moved in– “Let’s do ALL THE THINGS as a group!  Let’s go do things together!  But whatever you want to do, however you want to do it, is fine with me!”  which was awkward.  But she’s calmed down about that.  I think things will be okay.

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