So I was up late last night with Story Girl at the hospital (she’s okay.  The doctor’s verdict was “atypical pneumonia” and she’s got antibiotics and an anti-nausea med now.)  and I had to get up earlyish to drive Sparkly to an appointment, and then I took a nap.  So about 5 PM I checked my email, and found I had a message from one of the more important people in [fan organization] asking me if I could fill in for someone to make up the required number for a committee, and could I call him back this morning?  The “I did a thing” part is, I called him back like he asked me to!  Without delaying more than 15 minutes.  It was a tiny bit awkward, but he’s really nice and it turned out he found someone else.  So everything is cool, and I’m really proud of myself for calling him right away.

(I am also really proud of myself for not freaking out last night at the hospital.  There was a lot of vomiting.  I also want to record a huge thank-you to RDG, who stayed until morning when Sparkly and I left at 4 AM.)


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