I guess this is the less acute version of being triggered.

I managed to not really panic when I was actually at the hospital, but I’ve been much more on edge then usual all week.  And my stomach feeling worse than usual, and eating less, and prone to be emotional for no specific reason. 

For some reason, on Wednesday I was having pretty good success convincing myself that they wouldn’t have let that other really ill woman stay in the waiting room with all of us if she was contagious.  But now/still, I’m having to convince myself again.  And nearly crying over messing up the macaroni and cheese.  (Just so you know: you really do need milk to make the sauce for the “homestyle” mac and cheese in the bag.  Water doesn’t work right.)  And going OH GOD over someone saying on facebook that they think they have food poisoning.  Just the idea of it.


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