“Textures”– not exactly.

I was thinking about this idly, and now I’m bored, so I’m making a list.  It seems like I have more favorite things than things I can’t stand, but that might just be because I’m getting better at avoiding the things I don’t like.  But now I’ll find out!

Things I just love for no obvious reason:

  • Thick, creamy drinks, like fruit smoothies and the “naked juice” blends that have banana in them.
  • Leather, especially suede.  Synthetic suede-ish things are nice too, but not as good.  I know I’ve had this one since I was little, because I begged and pleaded as a ten-year-old to get a particular backpack becaue it had suede on it.  (It’s so soft!  And it smells nice.)
  • Glass– both little things like beads and marbles, and big heavy paperweights.  Partially for the smoothness and partially for the weight.
  • (Edited to add because I saw some yesterday: the big incredibly puffy marigolds that are like little pillows.  It’s fun to pat them.  They’re very springy.  So maybe I’m right that I have more likes than dislikes.)

Things I hate for no obvious reason:

  • Wet bread– like in an overly-juicy sandwich or hamburger.  It’s all sticky and mushy and ugh.
  • Loose clothes that get bunched up or shift around whenever I move.
  • Having grease or sticky things on my hands, though that isn’t as bad.

And at first I was thinking, “See?  There are more likes!”  But there aren’t.  Lesson learned.

Though the second two dislikes are sort of a different thing.  I tend to have trouble (meaning, get disproportionately frustrated) with things that get in my way or restrict my movement.  So at the bottom of both “slidy clothes” and “greasy hands” is this sort of loop of “I want to move, but when I do it feels uncomfortable/messes things up, but I want to move…”  And I have the same problem with clutter, sometimes, and with people getting in my way.


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