I had a big conversation with Sparkly last night

Which sort of started me thinking about how I gauge other people’s emotions and why I’m sometimes so confident that I’m right about them. 

But I don’t know what to say about it.  I mean, it’s mainly based off of tone of voice, but other than that I can’t really say anything other than I just know.  Very unhelpful idea for a post.


As for what we actually talked about, I guess it’s reassuring that she agrees with my perception of things? 

I think “aggresively not caring” is the best way of explaining it that I came up with.  When someone is upset with her (or even when someone is upset about anything in her general vicinity, because to her it’s the same) she feels threatened by it, and she deals by aggressively not caring about how they feel or what they think of her or what their problems are or anything.

And I’m pretty much the opposite, which is how we manage not to have huge nasty fights. 

It scares me a little when she’s like that.  But mostly it makes me sad that she feels like she has to protect herself like that.  And it makes me really sad that sometimes she’s right.



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