How to get through a day with Minty

Someone on Tumblr was doing this so now I am too.

1. Wake up unreasonably early in the morning from a nightmare.  Or just inexplicably wake up at 4 AM feeling really tense.  Tell yourself that everything is fine– if necessary, quietly get up and turn on some lights and confirm that everything is fine.  Try to keep the cat from making noise.

2. Read soothing things (the Complete Sherlock Holmes as a free ebook!) until you are calmer, then go back to sleep.  You are not allowed to just stay up from 4 AM on.  That is a bad strategy.

3. Get up at the actual time you should get up.  It’s cold but get up anyway.  Kiss Sparkly, get dressed, use the bathroom.

4. Drop Sparkly off at school.

5. Go to places and do things (e.g. grocery shopping, mail letters, go to the library)

6. Go home and eat.  You must eat something before noon or your stomach will be angry.

7. Be glad that you can cook several simple things and you don’t get tired of them.  Read while you eat.  Eat slowly.

8. Do chores.  Feed the cat, clean up after the cat, do dishes, take out trash.  Do not forget that the porch exists– your laundry is out there.  Put it away.  Yes, the porch is cold.

9. Do fun things online.

10. Do important things online– look at job postings, read your messages.

11. Pick up Sparkly.  Possibly go do more things.

12. Discuss dinner, make dinner, eat dinner, at a reasonable time for Sparkly to take her meds.

13. Do not allow the presence of people and noise and other distractions to prevent you from doing things you need to do.  Or at least try not to.


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