How my chemistry education affects my everyday life (possibly to be added to later)

  • Some moderately-complex math, especially converting measurements, is trivial everyday math to me.
  • I have a solid frame of reference for approximating measurements– including in metric.  I know what 100mL looks like and how hot 40°C is, which a lot of people in the US don’t.
    • This includes comfort with mili-, centi-, kilo- etc. and how they relate to each other and to scientific notation.
  • “Don’t touch that while your hands are dirty” is second nature to me.
  • I’m comfortable with the concept that most things can be divided into hydrophilic/water-soluble and hydrophobic/fat-soluble, I know which side various everyday things fall on, and I use this to inform things like cleaning.
  • I have a frame of reference for whether/which household chemicals are actually dangerous, and how to use them safely.  (My experience is that the whole caution/warning/danger thing is just uniformly scary if you don’t have an idea about what’s behind it.)
  • ETA: apparently my mind goes to kinetics and thermodynamics as metaphors for social situations.

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