I bought an ebook (of Nurk by Ursula Vernon) assuming it was a COMIC like her other things.  It’s actually a story with illustrations, which would be fine except they didn’t include the illustrations in the ebook.  I just get [Image].  Not even a frickin’ image description.

(Seriously go read Digger, though.)

Edit: the illustrations appear in the Nook mobile app but not the online reader.  They’re also DRM’d, so the only way I can read them on my laptop is through their online reader (and the only way I can read them on my iPod is by downloading a special Nook app), not in Calibre or the new iBooks app.

I’m never buing Nook ebooks again.

Amazon at least has a free Kindle reading app that works offline.  And I’m not 100% sure– I don’t remember whether I actually bought my .mobi books from Amazon, or whether I downloaded them from somewhere else– but I don’t think the ones I have are DRM’d, either.


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