Did you know…

That the hormone changes of the menstrual cycle make people temporarily more flexible during their periods?

Apparently it’s an incedental side effect of the very necessary increased flexibility during pregnancy.

Anyway, I actually noticed it this month since I’ve been stretching regularly, and now I’m wondering if I shouldn’t just plan on decreasing my strength exercises during my period. Or maybe just being more careful with my posture, or something. Because in the past few days I’ve decided to not exercise multiple times due to one joint or another hurting. Right now it’s my right shoulder, yesterday it was my left knee.

It usually goes away with in a couple of hours– definitel within a day– but maybe I should start paying more attention to it anyway.


For some reason it’s almost always my left knee– not my right that I seriously injured as a child. Maybe the surgeons left it better than they found it? It could just be that I stress my left knee more, though. I know that the way I sit when I’m driving aggravates it, because my left foot is closer to me and my left leg isn’t as supported.


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