Yesterday I bought shorts.

Really short ones, because if you’re going to do something, why not go all the way?

I haven’t worn anything that showed above my knees in public in probably seven or eight years. (And that was once, and then there were more years of no shorts before that.)

And I don’t really want to bother with shaving my legs very often, but I really, really need to get rid of this thought that “there’s no point in shaving my legs, even if I do it, my skin is ugly anyway.” That’s a shitty thought and I’m tired of it.

Summer is coming, and I only have one little window A/C, and I’m going to wear shorts.

(I convinced Sparkly to get a pair, too!)

(Next project: a bikini, instead of a lovely stylish two-piece swimsuit that covers my stomach. It’s really nice! I like the pattern. But I picked it because I was afraid of showing my stomach, and I’m tired of that.)


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