I talked to Sparkly last night.

(About this.)

Glad to have an outside perspective that commenting on someone’s posture/mannerisms/etc. like that is indeed weird.

But Sparkly reminded me of something that might happen: P might try to bring her into it, by asking her what’s up with me. Apparently many people have done this before, about things like me not talking much. I hate hate hate that Sparkly feels like she has to apologize for me, but I don’t know what to do about it.

Somehow I doubt that preemptively asking him not to involve her would work. I don’t know.

Maybe I shouldn’t talk to him. Maybe I should proceed as if everything is fine unless he does something again. Maybe I should, but not focus on the “it’ll do you good to socialize” thing, since he didn’t exactly explicitly do that to me.

But I feel like how I look when I’m in public is basically public property– I’m not sure how to justify “you shouldn’t comment on someone’s mannerisms” as a serious thing, even though it WAS creepy, how he did it.


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