Stuff I didn’t connect before

I love marbles. They’re pretty, and fun to just play around with, and you can do decorative things with them like put them in the bottom of a vase.

I still have a bunch of them from when I was younger.

I actually played marbles sometimes, with my brother. But mostly I’d just get them out and sort them by size and color, and admire my favorite ones, and put them away.

And sorting toys or putting them in patterns “instead of playing with them” (as if it doesn’t count as playing with them) is a Thing.


Once (I was pretty young at the time, I think, but I don’t remember exactly when it was) when I had almost used up a container of beads, I took the ones that were left, sorted them into rainbow order and just strung them on a spare bit of thread, instead of trying to make anything out of them. I might still have it somewhere, actually.

Edit: Yup. In the bottom of my old jewelry box.



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