Cute things for Sparkly

Sparkly’s new boyfriend, who I’m calling Numbers Guy, made an offhand comment about “if they live together sometime” and she’s really excited.

And now that I’ve gotten to know him marginally more, I can say that I like him, and I think we can get along, and it’s okay with me if he’s around in the long term. (It’s been three months ish now? and things between them seem to be going great.)

I really do like him. He’s easy to talk to. If we can get a computer game in common it’ll be great, and we’ll annoy Sparkly immensely, I’m sure.

Sparkly wants me to write down sweet things about him, I think, but the problem is none of them are things I’ve seen, I’ve just heard her mention them once or maybe twice. And it’s hard to draw details out of my memory with just that. So. Things she’s mentioned several times.

So, Numbers Guy is in [fan organization] too. And a while ago things got reshuffled so that he and Sparkly are actually working together on organization things. Before they were assured that it wasn’t a problem, he said he’d give up his leadership position in [fan organization] rather than break things off with her.

He said he’d actually, seriously fight a duel with this other guy to “defend her honor” or something along those lines. She was joking when she suggested it, but he said he actually would (not to the point of anyone getting seriously injured, I assume/hope.)



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