I took Sparkly to the library today.

And despite the fact that ey hasn’t gotten a public library card in all the two-years-ish we’ve lived here, and ey usually never wants to go with me, and ey didn’t exactly seem excited about it– once we got in, and we happened to pass the “mystery” section, ey was all “Will you check out some books for me? And will you read this? You have to read this, it’s the scariest one! Start reading it right away when you get home.” So in the end I checked out FOUR books from eir favorite series, three for em and one for me on eir recommendation. (The “In Death” series by J. D. Robb, for the record. Not my usual thing, but they’re pretty good.)

And ey might actually read Code Name Verity now, in exchange.

I love seeing em so excited.


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