I wrote this ages ago and didn’t post it, I’m not sure why. Probably I was going to collect more links.


Fuuuuck I bet I know who siggorts are supposed to be and ouch that is awkward. I mean, assuming they’re meant to represent any specific existing thing and not just a philosophical situation.


Or maybe it’s not that bad? Since innocence is part of their definition? (here and here)


(X) Sid has difficulty with his identity

(X) Max has difficult with Sid’s identity and then has a bright idea

(X) Siggorts in general




2 thoughts on “Siggorts

  1. I would be interested to have this unpacked a bit, since it’s not obvious to me what you’re talking about.

    There’s a race of monsters from Greek mythology called Hecatonchires, and Jenna admitted sometime in there that siggorts are them.

    1. That’s really interesting, thank you for the link. I read Hesiod for a class once but I didn’t remember that.
      I wasn’t thinking of relating siggorts to other stories or myths, but to actual people. The idea I had was, “What kind of person does something that seems really awful and unjustifiable, but insists that they have to do it and that it is somehow justified, or even good?” Looking back more closely, Sid at least is a lot more ambivalent about it than I remembered, so my original line of thought doesn’t really make sense. But I’ll come back and explain it when I have time. I just didn’t want to delay answering you any longer.

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