Sparkly’s mother called

and we will never know the reason why!

(This happened two days ago. I’ve been busy.)

She called and said she had something important to tell Sparkly, but she had to call someone else first and Sparkly should go take a shower and then call her back. (She thinks it’s Very Important that Sparkly should take a shower right after gymnastics practice, for various reasons that aren’t really important.) So Sparkly stews and worries for 20 minutes, calls her back, she says oh don’t worry I sorted it all out I don’t need to talk to you anymore. Absolutely avoids saying what it was about. Instead finds the time to say that Sparkly should practice her coping skills better if this whole “This is important, now wait and I’ll tell you later!” thing made her anxious. And to lecture her on hygiene and ask her if she’s taking her meds.
N.B. If someone is trying to tell you something, and you say you don’t have time to listen and hang up on them, you are blowing them off. It doesn’t matter if you have a reason unless it’s an actual emergency, and even then you should probably still apologize.
Oh also she’s done this at least a half-dozen times now and I should record it: except when she’s in a hurry, like the first phone call, she won’t end the conversation until Sparkly says “I love you”. She’ll literally prompt her, she’ll say “And what else?” after Sparkly says goodbye. It may be the most disgustingly petty thing I’ve ever heard.


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