I’m not going to pick an argument about BDSM with a fifteen-year-old who probably only reblogged that post because they’ve never heard another point of view. I’m not going to pick an argument with the OP who probably isn’t much older. There is no way for me to comment on that post without starting an argument and pulling said fifteen-year-old into it. But ugh. Ugh.

Since I’m on the topic, why do people who’ve never done a thing, never talked to anyone who’s done the thing, never intend to do the thing, even bother to have opinions about the thing, much less think their opinions are important?

(How then should people have opinions about things they think are wrong to do? The middle step. By listening to the people who’ve done them and been harmed by them. Listening to people who’re directly affected about what kind of help they want should be at the forefront of helping anyone, right?)

Why do such people repost the cruelest possible vitriol about how abuse survivors who do BDSM are doing recovery wrong and will never have healthy relationships? ??? ???

Along with the run-of-the-mill “BDSMers=sexist men and brainwashed women” thing.


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