So uh.

I’ve been meaning to make this blog green for a long time (I’m supposed to be minty, after all) but I was being held back by a silly thing. The link-text-color on my old theme was dark red to match the default background, and I could change the background but not the text colors.

So today I spent an aggravating hour or so, looking for a theme with the other features I wanted and no text in Bright Orange or Awkward Teal or Pale Purple.

And then I gave up. So here we are! Nice green background and header image (I drew that, by the way), blue links, red link-hover.


(This was prompted by me following a link to another blog that also used my old theme, and being totally weirded out. Hopefully now my blog won’t look awkwardly identical, even to others with the same theme.)


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