I’ve started playing Fallen London

And I really love it so far. I like the skill/character trait mashup (the four main skill-attribute-things are “watchful”– intelligence and spying, “dangerous”– fighting skill and strength, “shadowy”– sneaking and criminal skills, and “persuasive”– what you’d normally call charisma. They’re all sort of a mashup of specifc knowledge, skills, and character traits or mental characteristics– like, being “shadowy” means you have what you’d normally think of as “thief skills”, like picking pockets and sneaking up on people, but it also means you know all the best shortcuts through the slums, wrapped up in the concept of a character who lives hiding from the view of respectable society and tends to have criminal solutions for all their problems.

I’ve rarely found myself so attracted to a particular character path. Normally I’m the person whose character has to LEARN ALL THE SKILLS and DO ALL THE THINGS, even in games where you’re heavily penalized for trying to do everything at once. In Fallen London I’d be happy to settle into a niche, but there doesn’t seem to be any incentive to do that– the opposite, in fact.


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