I seriously misjudged David Drake

(See previous post)

All his books are about PTSD (as far as I can tell so far) but some of them don’t involve so many bad decisions.

Recently I came across the notes I took while reading Redliners and resolved to read more of his books. I picked up What Distant Deeps at the library a few days ago on the strength of “the male main character’s second in command (?) is a woman, that’s a positive sign” and so far I’m enjoying it. The female character in question is awesome along similar lines to Esther from Redliners. There’s very little physical description of the characters, so I’m following my usual policy of arbitrarily deciding that most of them aren’t white.

(I developed this policy because I once read a book whose setting was basically, “Like the Roman Empire except Roman citizens are black and only weird barbarians have light skin” and it was deeply embarrassing how often I had to remind myself that almost all the characters were black. My headcanons for what characters look like don’t really affect anything, of course, but I want my brain to stop assuming everyone is white.)


I was definitely too hard on Starliner when I read and reviewed it, but I was led astray by some of the subplots, I guess. “Is this a talent or a product of trauma?” is really not a viable question and I should have known that. I need to reread it sometime.


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