Hypothetical conversations

Would I want to change my brain if I could?

The honest answer is: not really.

Like… it would be cool to be able to understand people in noisy places. It would improve my social life. But my life isn’t exactly awful now. I can cope with it. I have ways to interact with people that work for me. It would make a lot of things slightly easier if I didn’t have the problems with sudden changes that I have. But, again, I know how to cope with it. I really don’t have too many brain-related problems with what people discussing this kind of thing usually call “the activities of daily living.” And the most important factor is, I’m used to them. I feel about the same way about “What if I could get rid of my auditory processing problems?” as I feel about “What if I could gain the ability to see infrared light?” It would be useful, but I don’t really feel deprived by not having it.

The only thing I would really want to get rid of is not the differences in my brain, it’s the baggage that comes with being weird and different your whole life. Shame and embarrassment and fear keep me from doing a lot more things than the rest of it does. A LOT more.


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