Artistic choices

Just now I was thinking about different poetry styles, and it occurred to me that… if I took myself slightly more seriously than I do… I could use different formatting to emphasize the differences in how I imagine different posts sounding as I write them. For someone who often can’t communicate complicated things verbally at any reasonable speed, tone of voice plays an oddly large part in how I think about writing. (It always has. If it weren’t for file format differences I could show you some of my essays from middle school. WHY didn’t anyone understand that I had problems with communication? Anyway.)
The more I think about it, the more I think I really should do that. My more rambly posts are nothing like normally formatted anyway, and I don’t really expect people to understand them even now, either.
So, so, so much of my time is dedicated to figuring out how to say things so that people will understand, and I don’t dislike that, in fact I consider it a really important skill and kind of work to do, but writing the way I write once in a while is such a relief.


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