I just thought of something

There’s a fashion for cute cartoony body-positive art on Tumblr– cute cartoon people with big natural hair, cute fat cartoon people, cute cartoon people in wheelchairs, cute cartoon girls with body hair, etc.

But it just occurred to me…

When people draw “if you prefer not to shave, you are still cute and awesome!” they draw stubble. Little short straight lines. That to me indicate not “I don’t shave my legs” but “I last shaved my legs a week ago”.

That’s not what my legs look like. And I’m not even actually committed to not shaving them. Not even a little bit. I shave my legs every single time I show them to the general public, I just don’t do that very often. (Especially not in the winter.)

My legs look like hobbit legs. My calves are just as hairy as those of most of the men I know (and hairier than some.)

And I’m by far, by far not the hairiest cis woman around, I know I’m not.

So this makes me think that the people who draw those things do shave their own legs, on a regular basis. They base their idea of “if you don’t shave” on what they consider hairy on themselves, which is going more than a few days or weeks without shaving.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. I know people who are scared to be even that hairy. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating that.

It’s just disappointing to me that even things that are specifically about portraying body hair as positive aren’t actually something I can identify with.

Below is what my legs looked like after doing No-Shave November the year before last. They’re significantly hairier right now.

Legs wide view Legs close up


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