Sparkly’s externship (ey gets to work with prosecutors now! Like the job ey actually wants to have!) has been going really well. Ey finally got certified (it took like a month) and can now actually be “on the record” rather than assisting someone else from behind the scenes, which is exciting. Though apparently ey was doing really well as a tag-along law clerk for the actual prosecutors and got several compliments about how helpful ey was. “Please see my law clerk about that” is a wonderful thing to have said in reference to you, Sparkly says. Ey also gets to attend this big weekly meeting of everyone in the office and learn all the useful advice and/or gossip that gets passed around. It sounds like there’s a lot of gossip.

When ey tells me about what happened at work, Sparkly still refers to defendants as “a person I helped” even now that they’re not eir clients, which makes me smile. And the thing is, it’s still accurate. Eir job is still, in large part, to make sure people who have been arrested (or given tickets) understand what’s happening to them, and have their rights respected, and generally have an experience that is as minimally awful as it can be, considering the circumstances. Ey apparently spends a lot of time coordinating plea deals (not sure if that’s the right phrase but you know what I mean.)


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