Today Sparkly and I did a bunch of housework and then went shopping, so we were busy pretty much all day. I want to record two things:

Sparkly helped me with the garbage and cleaning out the fridge, which is really awesome since it was feeling like an insurmountable problem to me. Ey doesn’t do as much housework day-to-day (which is mostly understandable since ey has a lot more other work to do) but I do sometimes feel a little put-upon so I’m very happy when ey helps me, especially with the nastier chores.

When Sparkly gets really tired, ey crashes a lot like I do. A lot like I do, except the “I’m so tired, what am I doing, I’m going to get X and then go straight home, why is the store so busy where is the X anyway why are people blocking the aisles” monologue that I do in my head, ey does partially out loud. And this is why I do so much stuff for em, because I totally understand that state of tiredness. I have all kinds of sympathy for that.


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