Have I actually written about how I feel about my body hair in detail before?

Okay, that’s a big topic and tonight my brain is small. Smaller topic:

Why I only shave my legs for other people.

I shave my legs when I want to go out in public wearing shorts or a skirt, and sometimes for Sparkly (although ey doesn’t really care about them being hairy most of the time.) I don’t ever shave them just for myself.

I like the feeling of smooth hairless skin, it’s nice in itself and the novelty of it is nice, too. I don’t like stubble, but I don’t find the feeling of longer body hair unpleasant at all, just different.

Last time I tried to shave my legs for no reason other than to have them be hairless, I found that as soon as I started, I couldn’t help thinking that I needed to shave because my legs were gross. I kept thinking things like “Wow, my legs are so disgusting, I should have done this a long time ago. I can’t wait until all this hair is gone.”

It was pretty disconcerting. Especially since I’d had no particular negative feelings about my legs five minute earlier.

I only shave my legs for other people, and for me that’s the less body-hating option. Ignoring what other people want and only shaving or not shaving for myself sounds great, and in a perfect world I would enjoy both hair and occasional hairlessness without any difficult feelings. But in the world as it is, for me, if I shave my legs without an external reason, the internal reason society has given me jumps up and fills the space, despite how hard I’ve tried to get rid of it.


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