Death, murder, ableism, very sad things.

I came across a link to this on Tumblr today, who knows why.

From an article about the death of London McCabe:

Dee Shepherd-Look [link in original], a psychology professor at California State University, Northridge, who runs an education group for mothers of autistic children, said “quite frankly, I am surprised this doesn’t happen more often.”

“These children are really unable to be in a reciprocal relationship and the moms don’t really experience the love that comes back from a child — the bonding is mitigated,” she told NBC News. “That is one of the most difficult things for mothers.”

What gets me about this line of argument is this. Even if we were to accept this claim (this horribly cruel and dehumanizing claim) as true. If we assumed that autistic people were incapable of love or “reciprocal relationships”. This woman is still arguing that if your child doesn’t love you enough, it’s okay to want to kill them.


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