On a lighter note

I really missed Sparkly while ey was away.

It’s great to have more time alone in the house (although I still didn’t get that much done) but I missed em a lot. And this may sound silly, but seeing em again after a week-ish apart, I notice all over again how beautiful ey is. Ey got all dressed up today for some sort of meeting about eir externship, and ey is just so pretty (and incredibly good at picking colors that go well with eir hair.)

I know ey doesn’t think eir face is conventionally attractive or classically beautiful or anything like that, and I understand that objectively it’s not, but… eirs is still my favorite face in the whole world, and I still genuinely think it’s beautiful. I don’t know how to explain why, I just love everything about it. I love eir smile especially, but also the shape of eir eyebrows, and eir nose– eir profile is wonderfully noble-looking, ey looks like ey should be on money. (Specifically, I maintain that eir nose looks like Alexander Hamilton’s.)

Call it aesthetic or romantic, I don’t know, but I could very happily stare at em for quite a while.


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