Trapped in bed by sleepy Sparkly and sleepy cats

I was knitting and watching Steven Universe until the sun went down; now I’m writing.

“Law prom” yesterday was fun. The food was utterly delicious, just like last year, and more than worth the ticket price on its own. It was buffet style, and there were several more options besides this, but this is what I ate:

  • Mixed greens salad with pear slices (and you could tell they were fresh, not canned), fresh and dried cranberries, bleu cheese, and some sort of cranberry vinaigrette? I absolutely love this kind of combination of flavors, and this was like the perfect expression of it.
  • Like four different kinds of bread, including very yummy traditional focaccia, and one with red olive slices in it
  • Roasted vegetables– carrots, potatoes, and butternut squash? Possibly the most flavorful carrots I’ve ever tasted
  • Some kind of rice pilaf with bell pepper slices in it
  • Baked chicken breasts stuffed with cheese and veggies– spinach, mushrooms, onions?
  • Fresh fruit, mostly melon slices, and some kind of soft cheese

I would have gone back for a second plate if I’d had time before people started making speeches.

I danced a little and felt terribly awkward, but it was still fun.


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