Lately I’ve been re-reading some of my favorite Avengers fanfic (specifically The Night Has Seen Your Mind by bomberqueen17.) It’s pretty effective comfort reading for me, being full of lots of excitement and drama and also plenty of comfort and interpersonal sweetness.

I might have some more coherent thoughts later, but here are my small thoughts:

So much stuff happens to these characters in like one day. It’s possible I’m actually misinterpreting things and the timeline is longer, but mostly I, personally, can not do that much stuff in a day even when it is exciting, high-tension stuff. If I were Bucky, I would be Not At My Best mentally waaaaay before I got physically hurt, and I would probably have taken a nap halfway through the day even if Natasha was their being sexy at me.

Plot plot plot OMG. Long-term plot. Plot twists that make you look back on previous events and reinterpret them. Please don’t feel bad for writing really long fic when you actually put this complexity into it.

There is so much awesome stuff going on with people’s accents and word choice, and how it indicates who they are and where they’re from, and also what state of mind they’re in. Natasha’s grammar gets more Russian when she thinks about her past, but she also uses more modern slang terms when she’s upset, because her upbringing didn’t really give her a lot of ways to talk about emotion. Lakeisha code-switches when she’s being professional and meeting new people, versus when she’s talking to people she knows better, versus when she’s at home with her family. Bucky has a professional Winter Soldier voice and a separate old-fashioned Brooklyn accent.

There’s just one thing I have a question about, and that’s “I know fine well”. The use of “fine” there is not something I’ve ever really heard before. I thought it was an old-fashioned-Bucky-ism at first, but then Natasha uses it once. Did she pick it up from him?


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