More re-reading thoughts

I’m rereading the wonderful bomberqueen17’s Avengers fanfic The Night Has Seen Your Mind, and a voice in the back of my mind keeps going “Bucky and Steve in this story are like Maddie and Julia in Code Name Verity.”


So often, writers treat romance in fiction like this weird ineffable thing, They Are In Love, and never really expand on what that is or how it feels. This gives you the kind of situation people often criticize, where fictional friendships have substance to them, yet characters in romantic relationships don’t even seem to be friends.

But I feel like, even fictional romances that I liked and got emotionally invested in and would call good examples of romance, are lacking something? There’s a thing that only seems to show up in writing about platonic relationships. There’s a way that people describe the really close friendship, the person you trust and lean on emotionally, that (a) really speaks to me and (b) never seems to get put into romantic relationships. And I don’t know why the fuck not.

Why do I have this pegged in my mind as “Vaguely Romantic Female Friendship Love”? Why don’t more writers give it to men? Why don’t more writers take this and make it definitely romantic and also sexual?


This is actually kind of funny, since the first time I read this fic I felt disappointed that it did get sexual, instead of just being platonic Feelings.


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