Jerkbrain 2

Okay let’s try this again.

The issue is this: when I suggest that Sparkly read a thing, or watch a thing, or do a thing with me, I’m scared of pressuring em into doing something they don’t actually enjoy. So unless ey seems really excited and interested the first time I bring it up, I hesitate to ever bring it up again. Even though I know that ey gets distracted easily and might genuinely want to do a thing but just forget about it, I feel bad about pestering em.

So I hesitate to suggest things in the first place, and I’m super diffident and careful about it so I don’t really sell the thing very well, so ey doesn’t really respond much, and I don’t follow up, and I end up feeling like ey doesn’t care about or isn’t interested in any of my interests.

And I feel unequal because I feel like I’m very willing to follow eir recommendations and watch what ey wants to watch, and ey doesn’t do the same for me.


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