So. Tired. Lots of feels today.

Numbers Guy’s mother fell and hit her head this morning, and was in the ER with a concussion.

Sparkly had a difficult conversation with him last night and was having a lot of feels about what he’s told em about one of his exes.

There was a Tumblr post going around about today being a “No Shame Day” for people to talk about being proud, or trying to be proud, of their disabilities. Turns out the name, if not the day, was misappropriated from an organization that was using it to talk about specifically shame around mental illnesses in African (and non-white in general) communities. I found that out after reblogging a bunch of posts about it and drafting a post “coming out” as autistic. I had been planning to post it today, then thought I’d wait a few days so as not to stress Sparkly out further but still reference the “No Shame Day”, then decided against it completely.

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