The interesting thing about the whole “general consensus reality” issue is…

if we can set aside the perspective that it’s a weird characteristic of my brain for a moment,

IT’S NOT WEIRD AT ALL that I feel like I can’t talk about things that aren’t normal and expected topics of conversation. It is consistent with what… ~society~, please allow me to not be any more specific about that, wants me to be. I’m not supposed to say weird stuff. I’m not supposed to interrupt, bother, confuse people with my weird problems. I’m NOT SUPPOSED to articulate my perspective and inner experiences, because I’m not supposed to have them, or at least if I do they need to be¬†normal and simple and easy to understand.

The general consensus reality problem follows both from trying to fake normal (because faking normal) and from being marked out as cognitively disabled (or just “crazy” in general) because the two social concepts¬†available there are “repulsive subhuman emptiness” and “simple innocent cute emptiness”.

Obviously I do in fact have brain-related problems with putting things into words, but, yeah.


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