April Food Diary

4/1: Mushroom Swiss burger with fries, pizza. Chocolate things.

4/2: Two hot dogs. Lots of cereal. Two little cups of applesauce. A few carrots.

4/3: Mushroom Swiss burger with fries, macaroni and cheese. Like four applesauce things.

4/4: Ham sandwich, CURRY OF JOY. Plus a couple of chocolate things.

4/5: Leftover curry, two hot dogs.

4/6: Really delicious chicken-and-wild-rice soup. Lots of cereal. Fruit snacks.

4/7: Leftover soup, hamburger and fries. Cereal.

4/8: Pasta with meat sauce, ham sandwich. Cereal. Chocolate.

4/9: Chicken soup with rice, and cheese tortellini with butternut squash, which was delicious.

4/10: Two hot dogs, teriyaki chicken, really delicious cherry frozen yogurt.

4/11: Excessively boring turkey sandwich, two hot dogs, various chocolate things, miniature bottle of mango naked juice (what a lovely discovery! a four-pack of mini bottles is cheaper than the equivalent amount of juice in standard-size bottles.)

4/12: Two hot dogs, mango juice thing, some chocolate things.

4/13: Sausage tortellini with marinara sauce, fried chicken. Two chocolate things. Two mango juice things.

4/14: Two hot dogs, one bagel with cream cheese (yes they’re back again) one small cup of creamy wild rice soup, half a turkey sandwich.

4/15: Mushroom Swiss burger, sushi, cherry frozen yogurt.

4/16: Didn’t update this on the day, don’t remember. There were probably several bagels.

4/17: Two hot dogs, half an order of stir fry w/ noodles, mushroom swiss burger w/ fries.

4/18: Leftover stir fry, steak sandwich. One bagel with cream cheese.

4/19: Roast beef sandwich, chicken soup with rice. Mango juice joy. One bagel with cream cheese.

4/20: Turkey and swiss sandwich, fried chicken and green beans. One bagel with cream cheese.

4/21: Turkey sandwich, pasta with pesto sauce. Chocolate things.

4/22: Ham sandwich, chocolate things, lots of caramels.

4/23: CURRY OF JOY, no proper dinner. Chocolate things.

4/24: Pasta with pesto, leftover CURRY OF JOY. Pretzels. Chocolate things.

4/25: Turkey sandwich, pizza. Half a croissant.

4/28: Chicken & wild rice soup, french fries. A couple of chocolate things. Naan.

4/30: Burger with mushrooms and swiss, potstickers. One bagel with cream cheese.


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