Things about my sexuality 3

The amusingly long list of reasons why I’m not having sex with Awesome Hair Guy, although he did suggest the idea shortly after we first met.

  1. Initially when he suggested it, I just completely drew a blank. It was only later that I decided/realized/whatever that he was attractive. So I said no.
  2. He’s not great at communicating about his feelings.
  3. I’m friends with one of his exes and I don’t need that kind of awkwardness, too many of our acquaintances are already dating or exes.
  4. Or have unrequited crushes on each other. I think he’s actually busy pining over someone else at the moment.
  5. Hymen: still there, still un-stretchy. There is no chance I’m having PIV sex with anyone any time soon.
  6. His hands are really big compared to mine, I’m not sure even just one of his fingers would fit inside me.
  7. My clitoris and labia minora are really sensitive and I don’t always like being touched directly anywhere in that area (as opposed to through clothes, or outside of my outer labia.)
  8. I don’t like receiving oral that much, for the same reason.
  9. I don’t like giving oral that much.
  10. I’m not completely opposed to anal, but I’m not sure how much I’d enjoy it and I am kind of squeamish about germs.

So yeah. Even if there were any reasons in favor besides a basic level of attraction, the kinds of sex we could have are actually pretty limited! Propositioning me turns out to not be a great idea for Awesome Hair Guy!

Excuse me while I giggle about this.


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