I bought Sparkly a cute little birthday present

(this edamame fidget toy keychain) and when it arrived there was also a free tangle toy (like this, except hard plastic, not fuzzy.) Sparkly objects to tangles because you can’t (or aren’t supposed to) take the pieces apart, and ey finds that highly disappointing, so it’s mine now. I always assumed fidget toys wouldn’t do much for me, since I have no trouble sticking to just fidgeting with my hands, and it’s definitely not a color I would have picked, but it’s really nice to play with? Sparkly and I went to the mall after ey got home from work, so I just wandered around a lot playing with it in one hand, and it’s really nice! Fidget toys. They’re nice.

(P.S. Sparkly actually does have trouble with skin picking, especially around eir fingernails, but I bought the soybean thing from that store mainly because it was the cheapest one I came across.)


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