Uncomfortable Fandom Tropes Applied to my Personal Life

(a non-exhaustive list, courtesy of a tumblr post)

In the Minty’s Life fandom there would be:

  • Small group interested in male/female relationships, shipping Sparkly and Numbers Guy, relegating me to best friend or maybe saying I don’t satisfy Sparkly enough or something
  • Small group interested in female/female relationships, shipping me and Sparkly, possibly demonizing Numbers Guy or just pretending he doesn’t exist
  • Love Triangle Dramatic Tension group un-poly-ing us and making Sparkly agonize over which of us to choose
  • Surprisingly small threesome group putting us all in bed and/or in romance together
  • Larger group interested in male/male relationships with three subsets:
    • trans man Sparkly x Numbers Guy
    • cis man Sparkly x Numbers Guy AU
    • Numbers Guy x one of his other friends
  • Gender stuff: androgyny-with-menswear groups
    • trans man Sparkly x either me or Numbers Guy
    • butch woman or masculine-of-center nonbinary person Sparkly x (femme) me
    • Sparkly x me where I’m the butchier one and Sparkly is the tall thin elegant femme one
  • Androgyny-with-makeup groups:
    • [Sparkly’s actual gender but more enthusiastically radical about it] Sparkly x me
    • same Sparkly x a Numbers Guy who wears skinny jeans and makeup
  • Extra bonus side characters:
    • C the Defense Atty as the Gay Best Friend (as far as I know he’s straight, but he would get a “innocent, harmless, not a possible love interest” treatment by virtue of being brainweird and not whte.
    • Boundary Girl as Sparkly’s Real One True Love, for the subset that think true love involves drama and sometimes hating each other

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