Some actual TMI about things I find sexy and/or gross under the cut.

I just realized this.

I’ve literally never, in my whole life, had fetish-y sexual thoughts about, like, a random pregnant person I saw on the street.

Things I have done:

  • randomly found written stuff about pregnancy arousing, when it wasn’t intended that way
  • deliberately sought out pictures and written stuff about pregnancy looking for something arousing, some of which was intended as sexy and some of which wasn’t

Things I have not done:

  • ever felt anything remotely sexual about an actual pregnant person I saw in real life, or even in TV/movies as far as I can remember

I have never even had to try? not to have those feelingsĀ about actual people I meet?

So like, fuck all you anti-kink people who think kink makes you constantly sexually objectify everyone around you. Context. It’s s thing.


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