Much clean. Very organize. Too bad it was someone else’s house.

We got a lot done today, though, it was pretty awesome.

But for an organization with a vaguely military structure we’re seriously lacking in people who know how to lead and delegate. It’s weird. The people who most know what’s going on and who are theoretically in charge just jump into things themselves, and if you want to help you either have to say “what should I do?” a million times, or else you have to just pick something and jump in yourself.

The ones who know what’s going on are the tech experts, and I guess they’re just too used to working alone? It’s seriously weird. I’m almost beginning to sympathize with the top level people who are all about ~management skills~. I like working by myself, but I know how to work with a partner or in a group of 3-4, because so much of my education was like that. The more I see of it, the weirder this complete lack of awareness that half the room is looking to them for direction gets. Set aside delegating or giving orders, they don’t even try to coordinate with each other. Whereas I’m used to constantly telling my partner what I’m doing.


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