June Food Diary

6/1: Pasta with meat sauce, cheerios, chocolate things.

6/2: Cheerios, pizza, apple slices.

6/3: Cheerios, leftover pizza, spaghetti with meat sauce, ice cream.

6/5: Lots of cheerios, two brats, some candy, some carrots.

6/8: A bagel with Nutella, two hot dogs with shredded cheese, and cheerios.

6/11: Pizza, pasta with meat sauce, cheerios.

6/12: Spaghetti with meat sauce, egg sandwich, cheerios.

6/14: Egg sandwich, bagel with nutella, toast with nutella, cheerios.

6/16: something, an apple, and homemade red beans and rice.

6/17: leftover red beans, toast with nutella.

6/18: Lots of toast with nutella, pasta with pesto sauce and chicken.

6/19: Egg sandwich, lots of toast with nutella, two cupcakes because the store gave me an extra one.

6/27: Various toasted things, leftover beans and rice– still good after being frozen.

6/28: Toast with nutella, chicken, mashed potatoes.

6/29: Bagel with nutella, lots of bread.


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