18/18: Afterword

Well, there you go. That’s an overview of what I’ve spent the past couple of years learning. I wrote this for my partner, Sparkly, in an effort to make up for the sudden and unpleasant way ey found out about my questioning and research into autism. The style is simple and conversational because of that; this is what I’d sit down and talk to em about, if it weren’t so impractically long. I hope it can be of use to someone else, too.

My word processing program tells me this document is about 8300 words and 16 pages long. I may edit it in the future, and there are still a few sections that I decided against including which I might bring back as appendices, but the main body is something approaching finished, at least.

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the authors of every blog I’ve linked to here, and to many others. I’ve tried to put what I’ve learned into my own words, as clearly and succinctly as possible, but I owe this knowledge to the community of autistic writers and activists that I’ve found online. Through writing about their lives, they’ve helped me understand my own.


It’s entirely possible that when I went through this series replacing copy-pasted urls with names and links, I may have put the wrong name with the wrong post. If you notice something like that, please let me know. Also, if I’ve linked to your writing and you’d rather not be mentioned here, let me know and I’ll remove it.


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