I saw a post on Tumblr that talked about how people with Down syndrome are stereotyped as being always happy, and how they can feel pressured to act happy all the time for fear of disappointing/upsetting people. “Positive” stereotypes are still restricting, after all.

(And I was like Yeah, that’s a really shitty thing about that stereotype, and there are some similar stereotypes about disability in general, being “inspiring” and “not letting it stop you” and “not giving up” and so forth. Good post.)

One person commented saying that they’ve run events to teach people with disabilities about self-advocacy and disability rights, and one of the things they have to talk about is that it’s ok to disagree with people, to make people mad, to assert your own opinions and take up space.

And then I was like No, wait, but doesn’t everyone feel like that? Isn’t simply expressing an opinion and expecting people to listen scary for everyone?

No, Minty. No. That’s you.


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