Stuff I did to deal with anxiety, part 2

I found that unless I made a conscious effort to find things to feel relieved about, every bad thing I had worried about that didn’t happen would slip past me unnoticed, while I went straight on to worrying about the next thing. I did two things related to this:

I thought back to things that I had been worried about some time before, and reminded myself that if they hadn’t happened by now, they weren’t going to, and this meant that whatever risky thing I’d done had actually been safe. This was good on an immediate level because it made it easier to feel physically relaxed and less anxious, when I had a specific thing to be glad about. It also, eventually, let me build up the idea that certain things weren’t actually risky, because I kept doing them and they kept turning out okay.

I also decided on specific time limits on some specific things I was anxious about. “[Bad thing] would happen within [time] from [risky thing], so if that much time passes and it hasn’t happened, I can stop worrying.”


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