Sleepy Animals, or: Sparkly likes to fall asleep to the sound of my voice

This is just a small selection of the ones I’ve done.

The sleepy kitten

The sleepy kitten is so small and cute.
The sleepy kitten streeeetches her back, and walks around in a circle, and curls up in a ball.
She puts her pointy little chin on top of her paws, and she blinks her sleepy eyes, and she wiggles her whiskers, and she falls asleep.
Sometimes while she’s sleeping, she dreams, and her ears twitch and her paws twitch and her nose twitches. She has good dreams about chasing toys.

The sleepy puppy

The sleepy puppy loves to snuggle up next to its friends.
The sleepy puppy goes dig dig dig until the blankets are just right, and then it wiggles and wriggles and worms its butt into the tightest snuggliest place it can find.
Then, the sleepy puppy stretches out, and lays its head down so its ears flop out on the ground, and goes to sleep.

The sleepy giraffe

The sleepy giraffe folds up its long legs, and tucks them underneath its body, and turns itself into a nice comfy giraffe loaf, just like a cat loaf.
Then, it curls its neck allllll the way around, and rests its head on its own back.
Then the sleepy giraffe flutters its big soft eyelashes and goes to sleep.

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